Our process reflects what we do!

Our services can be best described looking at our process steps that every one of our projects is undergone through, no exceptions allowed!

1. Consultation

Requirement analysis and system conceptualization based on budget restrictions and maximum value for money.

2. Design

Careful design of every system with attention on details making sure nothing is left to chance.

3. Project Management

A dedicated project manager is appointed and careful time planning and team organization gets underway.

4. Installation

Every system is installed at the proper timing ensuring maximum serviceability and proper functionality of every interconnected system.

5. Programming

Each system is programmed and configured to the clients specific needs and personal taste, different systems are glued together and the idea becomes reality. Support

Questions arise, upgrades are needed and well, sometimes things might break. We are there every single time to provide timely and continuous support long after the project is delivered!


Our sales team is compromised by engineers and experts on the field. Let us analyze your project together and provide you with a set of options that can meet your requirements and budget while we make sure that every system will perform perfectly and at top performance making your future money spend a lifestyle investment!

Design and Documentation

We believe that perfection originates from careful planning and coordinated work. Every project, no matter of it's size or complexity, is designed meticulously by our designer team ensuring every system details are well thought and documented so our project managers, installers, programmers, external contractors but most importantly our customers, can understand even the smallest detail during project development but also during after-sales support leaving nothing to chance!

  • Lighting Designs and Fixture Placement
  • Panel Outlines with Designated Components
  • Detailed Wiring Diagrams
  • Plan Views with all Systems Interconnections
  • Labeling and wire designation
  • add more here...

Project Management

Every project is unique and every client has different needs and concerns. Because we do value our client's piece of mind but also understand that without coordination, a lot of things can get out of hand, every one of our projects is assigned to a dedicated project manager. He makes sure that all involved professionals like project engineers and external contractors stay up to date with any progress or issues that might arise, while coordinating our team of installers,designers and engineers so on time delivery and top-notch quality are never compromised. Also, our clients have a single direct contact person to learn about their project's progress and express any concerns or questions they might have at any time the feel the need to!


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Programming and Configuration

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After-Sales Support

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