Audio, Video, and a touch of wow-ness!

Music everywhere, loud, clear, soft and relaxing. Video everywhere, loud, clear, sharp and captivating. Audio and video everywhere, entertaining, enjoyable, part of your life. In other words, let us make your life more colorful, everywhere!

Media at your residence, everywhere!

Music in every room

When was the last time you listened to music in your living room? We can bet you, it wasn't anytime recently. But what about your car? Certainly every time you take a ride in it, right? Have you ever wondered why? For a very simple reason. Because, it's there.
So just let us put music back in your life!

  • Music in the living room
  • Music in the kitchen
  • Music in the bedroom
  • Music in the bathroom
  • Music in ...?

Crystal clear image on every screen

Tired of fighting in the house about what are you gonna watch on the High Definition Video Decoder tonight? Football or Sex in the City? Elytronic cares for you family's peace and wellfare. Let us bring HD on every TV in the house or in the back yard. Who said HD is for the few to enjoy? HD to the masses, now!

  • Enjoy HD quality on every screen
  • Share your Sattelite, Cable and AppleTV to every TV
  • Always with HD image quality, because it matters

One room to rule them all

Who doesn't like vacations? We sure love them. Wouldn't it be great if you could go on vacations every day after work? Let us create the perfect space for you to retreat and forget all your worries! Enjoy a good movie, your favorite music, play a game against your son, or just lay back and enjoy a book under the perfect lighting conditions. A room for everyone and everything except anxiety!

Fancy a night in for a movie?

Elytronic was created by cinema lovers. We specialize in design and creation of sophisticated rooms to function as your private cinema inside your own house. We design the perfect atmosphere. We choose the best equipment for the job which includes projectors, lenses, speakers, audio amplifiers and mixers, touchpanels and remotes for control, media servers and video processors (among others). We help you choose the correct furniture that will make the experience ultra comfortable. We carefully wire and install everything so your experience will be astonishing. We calibrate the system under professional standards and procedures. And finally, we get out of the room, so you, your family and your friends, can get away in an indisputably unique, out-of-the-ordinary, and as we like to call it, wow experience!

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