Security: Let us make you feel safe

Here at Elytronic we understand that feeling secure in your home or office is very important in order to lead a stress-free life. As part of our advanced automation and intelligent systems, we offer a broad range of security systems to cover every need, from simple intercom systems to advanced CCTV and integrated security solutions.

Keep the intruders away

Alarm systems are considered the fundamental security infrastructure for any building against intruders. They mostly function as prevention systems, warning any potential intruder that his job will not be done so easily. Let Elytronic take care of your alarm system. We focus on providing proper but user-in-mind configuration without the usual nuances of traditional alarm systems , detailed installation that doesn't forget aesthetics of your space and properly designed systems that will make you feel secure and relaxed knowing that your property is being protected by professional systems with the proper standards.

  • User-centric Alarm Systems
  • Professional Installation
  • Trained personnel
  • Our bespoken customer support!

Monitor your property

Monitoring your property with CCTV technology can have a lot of advantages. Firstly, you know that whenever you need to, you can check what is going on at your own house. Secondly, you keep everything on record, so in case anything happens you can go back in history and see everything on video. Moreover, you let anyone that seems to be interested in your property's insides while you are not there that he is not alone...but you are watching!

Who's there please?

Somebody hit's your doorbell, or wants to access your garage. Don't leave the second floor to come down and open, just press a key and let your friend come in. Not sure who's knocking? Check the video feed and make sure you know the person you are letting in. And if you really care who comes at your door while you are away, that's still not a problem! Your phone can ring whenever your doorbell does, and see in live feed who is at your door. Unbelievable right?

Fire Alarm Systems

Security is not just about protection from intruders. Other hazards and accidents can put you, your family and your property to danger. Along our intruder detection systems, Elytronic offers professional fire alarm and leakage detection systems in order to provide a complete set of services monitoring your property for any possible danger.

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